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I offer a comprehensive background in Real Estate, Banking, Lending, Finance as well as Sales. My experience offers me the opportunity to help my clients in every step of their buying and selling process. I have the network of business partners to ensure every client need is met and every transaction is done to exceed satisfaction.Your priorities are my priorities.

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Age-Old Real Estate Selling Tips to Ignore

Age-Old Real Estate Selling Tips to IgnoreHomeowners planning to sell their home tend to get unsolicited advice from every direction. “Do this,” “don’t do that”; it can

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Changes in the Mortgage Market Since COVID-19

It's been difficult to adjust to a new normal during the past few weeks. With most residents being asked to stay at home, there are many who have recently lost their jobs or been asked to work

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5 Questions Buyers Have During the Coronavirus Outbreak Answered

 Everyone is being affected in some manner by the outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus. During this time, buyers will have more questions than normal about the home buying process and their ability

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3 Types of Decorative Molding for Accent Walls

3 Types of Decorative Molding for Accent Walls Decorative accent moldings come in a wide variety of styles. Interior designers use these to add visual interest to rooms and spaces while highlighting

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